5 Good Reasons to File for a Tax Extension

It is that time of the year where you are collecting all required financial information. If while doing so, you realize that you need more time, you can file for a tax extension with the IRS (Internal revenue Service). This can be done before the tax day; which is the 15th of April for any […]

File Tax Extension Online So the IRS Won’t Penalize You

Running out of time to file your tax return? Need a few more weeks to sort out your statements and documents? Don’t stress out! Just file a tax extension before the due date and save on late filing penalties and interests. Tax extension will also give you 5-6 months’ time to file your returns on […]

How to Get a Federal Tax Extension to File Your Tax Returns

A delay in paying taxes is a common thing experienced by a multitude of people. But when you know the intricacies of applying for a tax extension online you can feel yourself quite relieved from the worries. Getting a federal tax extension is not at all a cumbersome job if you have detailed knowhow about […]

Five Myths about Personal Income Tax Extensions

The popular perception creating clout over a general tax payer’s decision making dynamics is that whenever a person apply for a tax extension, he turns more vulnerable in the eyes of the IRS. More often than not this fear of getting noted for a supposedly wrong reason is nothing but a myth. Busting this false […]