R&D Tax Credit: New, Improved, and Permanent

The Research and Development Tax credit is useful for companies to reduce their Federal tax bills. The R&D tax credits were introduced in 1981 to provide tax incentives to companies incurring research expenses. It was primarily done to encourage companies to spend on development activities like new and improved products, techniques, processes, software, formula and […]

Benefits of R&D Tax Loans

Research and Development is an area where not many companies can venture. This is because there is a huge amount of risk involved in running such business. There are two types of risks involved: o  Capital expenditure: There is not deterministic expenditure on such activities. There is also no time line in which there could […]

Five Facts About R&D Tax Relief That Will Blow Your Mind

All companies that are working gin the research and development sectors undergo a huge risk. The risk is in terms of capital expenditure and also in terms of the end results. But such research activities are very much essential for an economically stable country. Hence the government of UK has come up with some schemes […]

Essential Tips for an Effective R&D Tax Funding Strategy

Research and development are key to a stable economy of the country. Research and development are oriented towards better growth which thus leads to wealth creation as well. Companies/business working on such research activities is needed for any country. The government of Australia hence promotes and encourages such developmental activities – through a number of […]

Things You Should Know Before Claiming R&D Tax Relief

What is R & D tax relief? Scientifically creative and innovative companies are the need of the hour since these companies help in the advancement of the country’s economy. But, it is not easy for any company to work in this field since the risk involved in taking up such projects is serious. The capital […]

Why Law Firms Need Tax Accounting and Financial Management

A law firm is like any other business. They are providing a service and that service is subject to the cycle of the economy. Accounting law firms need sound financial planning and tax preparation to keep them competitive and viable in the marketplace. This is where financial analysis of the market, organized financial records, solid […]